I didn't spend my youth taking photos. I was more interested in writing about basketball (since I didn’t have much talent playing it...), and reading about politics. I kept focusing on politics, and got a degree in international relations and diplomacy, while keeping my eyes open to various ways to understand and describe the world around me. That's how I ended up writing my MA dissertation on applied anthropology (instead of sticking with more useful stuff like economics or law…), but that’s another story. 
While starting a career in Brussels, I put together enough money to buy a decent camera and quickly understood how powerful that tool can be to share my understanding of the world with others. I kept devouring photo books, expositions, and anything that could make me better at understanding photography, while moving on with life: advancing in my career, getting married, having a baby, switching jobs, and wrestling with all the difficulties of an expat life.
Fascinated by the saying "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life", I am realistic enough to understand that what I like might not be liked by the whole wide world. Nonetheless, I decided to open [name] to share my way of seeing things with more people other than the friends and family members I already photographed a million times, with the hope that I’ll score a total win-win: doing something I love with cool people (that's you!) that I share some values with, and get paid for it. 

My logo
The uber talented Adelin-Ionut Vaduva (photographer, videographer, graphic designer, web master and I suspect also Jedi Master) helped me enormously by bringing this wonderful logo to life.

DISCLAIMER: I have requested permission to all individuals portrayed on this website. No babies were armed in the production of this website :P 
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