I apply a standard hourly fee of 80 EUR/h for all types of photo shooting.

What do you get with 80 EUR?
- I come to your location for the photoshoot;
- A short briefing meeting to discuss what are your expectations/needs;
- 1 full hour photo session;
- Editing of the best shots using professional photographic software (Adobe Lightroom);
- All the best shots available for download in the format your prefer (compressed for web use, high definition, JPEG, RAW...) within 48h from the photo session;
- Online archiving of your photos for 1 year.

Additional services
Prints: I can produce photobooks, framed photos, etc. for an additional fee (to be discussed on a case per case basis);
Photo booth & props: I can set up a fully digital photo booth where your friends/guests/colleagues can take photos on their own, using a vast selection of props I provide. The booth is fully automatic and the photos can be shared immediately with the participants. To have a better idea of how cool is the photo booth, click here. Cost: 50 EUR.
International travels: for photo sessions outside of Brussels, I will charge you my travel costs to be reimbursed (I'll bring you my receipts, economy class travel + economy hotel + meals if necessary).

For example, how much would it cost...
- A child lifestyle photo session? 80 EUR
- Taking professional-looking portraits of your staff (3-6 people)? 80 EUR
- Following you and your fiance' around the streets of your town, to capture the magic of your love? 80 EUR 
- Taking photos at your baby shower/birthday party (1h) + Photo Booth for the guest to have fun with (unlimited time)? 130 EUR
- Portraying your new business to show how cool is what you do for a living (2h)? 160 EUR 
- Covering your conference at the European Parliament (2h)? 160 EUR
- Being your wedding photographer (8h, from 10:00 to 18:00) + Photo Booth? 690 EUR

How did I come up with 80 EUR/h?
For every hour of shooting, I spend, on average:
- 2-3 hours editing;
- 1-2 hours coming on location and discussing with you how to do the photoshooting.
So you're actually buying at least 4h of my time per each hour of shooting. 80 EUR : 4 hours= 20EUR/hour. To this, I must add taxes (around 30% in Belgium) and the cost of keeping my equipment performing. All in all, I end up earning around 10 EUR for each hour of effective work, which is close to the equivalent per diem minimum salary in Belgium.

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