Everyone has a camera in their pocket today. Thanks to your phone, you can publish a photo online in few seconds. And this is great, because it gives you a chance to capture those special, one in a lifetime moment.
But do you think "a chance" is enough?
Even if you're a photo enthusiast, taking beautiful, professionally-looking photos of your life is difficult, it takes a lot of time, and, if you're the one taking the photo, you might not be in it (I know this by first-hand experience...). Selfies cannot satisfy all your photo needs, can they?
You can always go to a photo studio. Studios are great for many useful and artistic purposes because they allow the photographer to control every aspect of the photo. But if you're not used to photo studios you/your loved ones might simply get stiff in front of the camera, and the photo would lose all the beauty of authenticity, the magic of the moment, the very character of your child, your spouse, your relatives, your family, your co-workers. 
Have you ever tried to be a model? My wife did it, for me: after 40 min, she bursted in laughter, shouting: "I understand now why Naomi Campbell doesn't wake up for less than 40K per shot!”. Being a model is a tough job, and maybe that's what you want. If you don’t actually want to model, but you want your real you captured, I'm the right guy for you.

A documentary approach to your life
Most people use professional photographers only on "occasions", such as weddings, yearbook pictures, or the Board annual meeting. But today we use photos for so much more than recording milestone moments. It's at least equally important to grasp the real person behind those milestones, and throughout your life. After all, "milestones" are a very small portion of your life. Isn't the rest of your life memorable? Aren't you/your loved ones memorable in your every day existence? I say YES.
Let me document a portion of your life. Invite me for a cup of coffee and tell me something about you, so that I can help you by recording wonderful, spontaneous memories.
[name] wants to be there on your important day to document the people that make that day a memorable occasion;
[name] wants to be there for you to record those spontaneous, everyday moments that make your life special, be it an afternoon with your child, a walk in the park with your soulmate, a sports match played with your favourite team, a day in the office with your co-workers. [name] can be THERE to record your best self, in a professional, discrete and memorable way.

The pillars of the business:
Spontaneous, naturally beautiful photos: my first priority is to listen to you, understand your needs and expectations, and work with you to make beautiful photos;
Full-digital, fast production: I'll deliver you the final product online, downloadable and immediately shareable, most of the times within 48h from the shooting. We can also provide you CD/DVD, if requested;
Tailor-made, on-location photo shooting: tell us when and where, and we'll be there.
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